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Izak the Yak is a story written and illustrated by the Hunn brothers (Bruce and Barry Hunn). It was created as a bedtime story for your children or grandchildren, or could even be your child's first book. Izak the Yak has fantastic adventures in pictures and text and provides a positive story for people of all ages. The book was written to help children learn about the rewards of adventure and is set in strange and mysterious places. Izak’s land has stark, rocky, mountains as well as beautiful flower covered meadows. It is a book complete with fantastic scenery, strange creatures, wonderful adventures and important lessons in life.

In this first book, the story is about Izak, the smallest Yak in the herd. Izak is puzzled by his herd's difficult life in the mountains and wonders if there might be better way for all the Yaks to live. Izak's bravery in exploring his world leads to many challenges and triumphs, for himself and his herd.

Children love Izak because he is full of discovery and adventure, and adults love Izak because he teaches about life, creativity and intelligence.

Izak is rapidly spreading his story, with book sales in exotic locations like Nepal, Mongolia, Japan, and Germany, as well as here in the USA in: California, Texas, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida… His story has been presented to a Mary Kay audience in Atlanta as an inspirational piece, and included in public libraries and elementary schools as well as being read to children at bedtime across the country and around the world.